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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The perfect roadtrip

Maybe the best ever, and it's over except for the remembering. We settled into a small park in historical Kingstree, SC. Yes, it was warm. Tres. In time, perhaps six other people joined us.

Then came word from upstate SC. It had started. Right on the money. Oh yes, these geeks had timers set so we'd know to get ready.

And there it was. The first nibble out of the sun. Now the slow wait. The closer we got to totality, the more Ed was into his glasses. Ditto for everyone. Even Madison, who had been playing kickball with her new friend.

Meanwhile my Lily was the citizen scientist in Greensboro tracking the change in temperature. That girl need a physics degree. We did much the same by appreciating the growing breeze as totality drew near.

Then it was. A Bailey's bead to announce the coming corona. Glasses off with over a minute to drink in the the unparalleled beauty of the usually invisible corona. Followed by a diamond ring effect the likes of which I've only seen in text books.

The crowd couldn't get enough. We all babbled in unspeakable awe. We still are.

Sponsoring this trip for the children and grandchild stands as one of my better decisions. I'll never regret paying that bill other than I can't do it again. At least until 2024.

However, the heat and lack of sleep after a week in ICU with pneumonia chased with spinal surgery and six weeks of disability left room service as my only opton for dinner. There's no news in that. I live for the quiet solitude of dining alone.

Then it happened. Granddaughter heard me as she returned from the pool. "They'll bring the food to us?" She was incredulous. I nodded to her parents, and the child received her first taste of room service.

It won't be her last.

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