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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I wonder what it's like to feel that way.

So I was late for a run, what with having tarried with a smoothie, and then I had to take the NCSU route to downtown because the traffic prevented my left turn on Blue Ridge. Fifteen minutes late. I parked in my usual spot. Paid quickly, and hoofed off into the last half mile.

Yes, I park a half mile away from the start so the fast walk can be my warm up. Feets Be old, you know.

I cut the corner and crossed in front of my fave bistro, The Burough, and there at my fave table at my fave bistro, sat a couple, two twenty-something men, corner to corner, hand in hand, eyes melting into eyes. A beautiful sight, but I couldn't pause to admire it. I had to get to Tir Na Nog to meet m'Grace for our downtown run.

About an hour and not quite five miles later, she and I are approaching The Burough looking for dinner. We took a seat inside because all the outdoor seats were taken, and my handsome couple was still at my fave table at my fave bistro. I chose a seat inside by the window that gave me a clear view of the scene.

Time had not passed for them. I doubt they could tell you how long they had been there. I doubt they remembered what they ate, what they drank, what rolled by them in the traffic. They were lost in one another, the vortex about them palpable, real, and not to be shared but surely to be envied.

I wonder what it's like to feel that way.

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The Crow said...

So do I, Jim.

I'll try not to be envious of their love.

Not working...will try harder.

How are you feeling now? Good to hear you are back to running; sounds promising.