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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Marine night nurse was good for his word

My Marine night nurse was good for his word. After they left at 11, nothing happened until 7. I arose at 5:30 so as to not be all groggy when the action started. Do know the guys were lined up ready to go at 7. I was very popular. Even the real doctor got the message about closing the door when he came in at 8.

The doc and I had a frank discussion regarding this situation. He was a bit taken aback when I told him that it’d be a very long time before I agreed to step into this Wake Med facility again, and that I would not be repeating this procedure ever. Never. Again. (And saying that leaves me expecting to be back here next week doing it again. Note: I also said that about my PhD qualifying examination.) 

The doc and I also discussed treatments and options for chronic conditions. His perspective is necessarily limited because he’s a specialist. That’s good in that he knows his stuff. That’s bad because he doesn’t much think of wholeness and the care thereof. That the drug he’s using interacts lots with other exotic drugs such as aspirin and Fleet enema doesn’t bother him much. It bothers me a great deal, and this is why I doubt any long term success will arise from this expensive encounter.

Now, back to the night nurse. As he was leaving, the night nurse came by to check on me. I stood to shake his hand. We discussed how organizations often have tight and complex rule structures, and these rules exist for many reasons, most of which are idiotic and positioned to reduce the effectiveness, if not efficiency, of the organization. However, the successful employee, or at least the smart one, will seek to both understand the rule structure and all the paths over, under, around, and through that let us accomplish our jobs and fill our roles without having to worry about going to jail.

He is a smart man. His attitude reminds me of my own #1 Son in many ways. Wake Med was lucky to get him and smart to hire him. I wonder if the organization will be smart enough to keep him.

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