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Monday, August 26, 2013


Well, that’s not the conversion you might think, and I have no plans to reenter the Baptist church. Ever. I’m talking about normal sinus rhythm. Toward late morning, I felt a change, and the EKG confirmed it. I have returned to normal sinus rhythm.

Maybe I should blow up more often.

There should be much rejoicing, but I take this with a large grain of salt. The last time lasted all of eight days, just long enough to remind me of how I’m supposed to feel, and then wham! Back down again.

The doc is stepping in tomorrow, probably for a disciplinary visit. Be that as it may, we get a frank talk regarding expectations, and there is no literature for the question I have to ask, at least nothing that shows up in any form of online search, and I find that very hard to believe. Pharma research is often more about getting to market to make a buck, not so much about answering a question.

And so I’m feeling very calm, and I feel inclined to enjoy the moment even if I’m going to do so by pre-writing an even calmer report. There is no indication of how long this will go, and I’d like to take this dance for as long as the music lasts. 

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