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Saturday, October 13, 2012


See the online Free Dictionary, or read it here: Exaggerated or foolish talk, usually intended to deceive.

Is it just me, or does this word sound best with an Irish accent?

Elections produce a lot of malarkey, and the current one has been one humdinger as far as malarkey goes. Elections also produce a form of reality TV called debates, though anyone who has ever witnessed a formal debate knows the infotainment from the elections has less to do with debate and far more to do with a college freshman bullshit session. 

So I usually avoid the political debates. Besides, I get all worked up when the moderator does not moderate. Maybe one day, they can hire Judge Judy. Until then, I veg out on something else. During the recent veep debates, I simply went to bed, but instead of reading the Washington Post as is my usual beddie-bye habit, I found myself following my Twitter feed. 

The snark level on Twitter was running high that evening, and it pegged the needle when Biden used "malarkey." I do believe it's been decades since I heard that word used, well, with the possible exception of Chief O'Hara on the original Batman series that runs on CheapTV now and again. 

For as old a slang word as it is, it certainly characterizes election rhetoric well, doesn't it? And that's true on both sides the stage, not just the Republican side, though the continued usurpation of the GOP by the Tea Party has taken the nonsense up several notches. 

I wish it were possible to turn off the TV ads after voting early, but it's not. 

So until the Wednesday after American Election Day, Amazon will benefit as I stream TV and video at two and three bucks a pop. You might want to load up on the stock. 

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