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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The last bottle

So last late fall, I bought several bottles of cheap wine. The name also intrigued me, and I sent a picture to my bud, Peter, in DC. I believe his brother is named something like this wine, but I could just be old and forgetful.

Peter found the picture funny because of the name.

That was the last coherent text message I received from Peter. He died a very few weeks later following the unexpected onset of CNS lymphoma. 

This last bottle has been sitting here for several months now. With my recent efforts to be good, I doubt I'd drink it, even if I could get past that memory. Peter was a bit of a nutrition buff, and he avoided the empty calories of wine and such. I doubt he'll be upset with me giving this bottle away, and I think I'll be better off not seeing it anymore.

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