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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fry bread

Yes, we're making fry bread today. You've not had any decent fry bread since you were last on the rez, and we need to take corrective action.

Start by putting some oil in a pot.

Can you tell Food Lion had canola oil on sale? And yes, you need to take it out of the bottle before putting it in the pot.

While the oil heats, cut up some biscuit dough. I make the dough ahead of time and store it in round tubes that I keep in the fridge. Each can has enough dough for ten biscuits. I cut each biscuit into about eight parts. 

Five cut up biscuits go into the hot oil. They cook faster than you think. Take them out before you think they're done because they continue cooking in the bowl.

You would prefer to use my grandmother's biscuit pan lined with paper towels, but you'll have to settle for what you have in the house. 

Put some more dough in the oil, and then sprinkle powdered sugar on the fry bread in the bowl. Adding cinnamon is permissible. It's even encouraged. You're also expected to sample the fry bread as you go along.

You'll probably need to reduce the heat under the pot as you go. I started with it on high, and that was okay for a while, but soon, I was coming close to burning the fry bread. To avoid that abomination, I reduced the heat by half thereby avoiding the common mistake of cooking too fast.

I took this batch to the peeps at work, They've had some hard times lately, and healing was required. They ate it all. 

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