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Friday, January 6, 2012

We're doing it again

The moon project is over, and it's headed out for publication. I expect to retire to the south of France toward March. Maybe not.

But we can't leave well enough alone. We can't just sit on the couch being content to watch the TV world pass by. Nope. We need another project. People! These are the things that keep us sane, the things that ward us from the 9-to-5.

So what's it that we're doing?

Here ya go: Five Words Musing.

Musing wasn't a part of the original title, but when I went to claim the web site name, I learned that someone else did Five Words some eight years ago. Whodathunkit? Well, he did do it differently than we will, but where's the surprise in that?

Our dearest Shannon will post five words on the 5th of each month. From that day until the 20th, Diana will paint, I will write, probably haiku, and Shannon will write about why she chose those words. On the 20th, we each post our mess.

Warning: We all work for a living. Two of us execute what the third sells. We might be a few days off now and again. I hope you'll find the strength to forgive us when that happens.


The Crow said...

I so enjoyed the moom project, Jim, and am happy to see you're doing another.

Shannon said...

The moon better not being going out for publication...yet...as i have not had my final looksee mister. ;)

Jim Penny said...

By going out, I mean that I'm thinking of making a copy for you to edit.