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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Food. Finally.

Howe long has it been since food was an option? Weeks? I think the treatment was worse than the problem this time. 

However, Food Lion jumped to the rescue. Think sales and red tags. This means we need to put some half-price olive oil in the iron skillet.

This pan requires boneless pork ribs. I cannot imagine how that boneless pig gets around, but I'm glad it did. This is some tasty stuff, especially with that red tag. Thank you, Mr. Pig.

Guess who had mushrooms on sale? Yeah, I washed them before they went in the pan.

The green peppers are from last week. They never met their fate in the omelet I planned, and now they need final absolution.

Onions too. The sister to this onion had already sprouted. Sadness. This one met a far better fate.

Yes, I know they tell us that salt and pepper are better added at the table, but those are the peeps who don't understand how to make things better. It takes less salt when cooked in than it does when added at the table, and that is my professional scientifical opinion. Oh, yes, I like a little black pepper now and again.

Put on the lid, and let it all spend a couple of quality hours in the oven at 375F. While that was going on, we made some mashed potatoes with the red skins included and a large drop biscuit. 

There was only a little bit left, and that'll be gone by the end of the day or, perhaps, tomorrow's breakfast.

I'm close to being healed, and that means it's probably time for the next go-round.

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