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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Facebook might have censored me

While having my morning coffee, I read a retweet from Kathy Griffin.

Buying cyanide pill now:) RT : Kim Kardashian’s paycheck at Tao on New Year’s Eve: $600,000?!

She included a link to the report, but I'm not including it here. It's easily found if you're interested. However, the better read is in the follow-up to Kathy's tweet. You can find that at Twitter if you want.

So, being one to share the news, I sent Kathy's tweet to my brother so he could share in the joy of Kim's well-paid evening. 

Then I posted a tweet myself, and I sent it by text message.

Kim Kardashian will make $600,000 New Year's Eve. I'll do it for half that price. Just need a pair of fake boobs. And butt cheeks. And hair.

After a little more coffee, I decided to send the tweet to Facebook as a status update. Again, I sent it my text message. Moments later, I received a text message from Facebook.

Sorry this message cannot be processed.

After thinking a bit, I resent the text, and received the same response. At that point, I edited the text message to read as follows.

Kim Kardashian will make $600,000 New Year's Eve. I'll do it for half that price.

That one posted to my Facebook page.

Now, we all have seen substantially racier stuff on Facebook, and I imagine that most of those posts are by the web interface or some app on a smart phone. A few might be by text message, which is what I predominately use because it's, generally, more reliable than using the Android app. 

This left me thinking the text interface has a censoring routine applied to the text content, and that routine is not so apparent on the web and app interfaces, if it exists there at all.

That or the text processor had a problem that magically cleared when I sent the third, less racy, text message. Maybe I should experiment a little, but doing so would most likely end in my Facebook account being disabled, and we all know the disaster that would be. Nations would surely crumble.

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The Crow said...

Happy New Year, Jim!