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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Treasures from the parking lot

Usually, the treasures of my world accumulate in the laundry room. However, they've relocated, it would appears, and now they wait in the parking lot for me.

After the recent rainy evening, the Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving, I walked out to the car, and what did I find, but this water-logged beauty.
And yes, Bigger Bunion has been getting frisky and producing a blister. If this is your 'boggin or you just need an extra for the summer, let me know. I have a few extra these days, and they're all washed to Ebay standards.

Under the next tree, found on the same day, I found this piece of a local uniform.
I can't decide quite how to launder this thing, and I'm certainly not putting it in the dry cleaning like the tag suggests. Meanwhile, if you've taken a PT job with Waffle House and need to augment the uniform, here's your scarf.

Blessing always come in threes, and this week was no exception. Yet again on the morning after the rainy evening, I found what I thought was a burka, which is likely spelled some other, less phonetic, way, but the thought of a nekkie burkette had me alarmed. Upon closer inspection, I realize it's an unfitted satin sheet. Someone was planning to get frisky. It's a table cloth now.
The truth is that I found this several days earlier, and I wrapped it about the nearby light pole thinking that the owner would surely return for it. Maybe Santa will bring whoever it was a new one for Christmas.

We'll talk about those plates, saucers, and cups later. There are several stories there.

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