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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving with Bro

I started a pot of chili last night. You surely know the drill, and I'll avoid the details. Two pounds of beef. One can each of diced maters and peppers, chili beans, kidly beans, and black beans. Rinse each can with a third of tap water. Texas Pete to taste. It's better if all the products are from Food Lion, though that is not necessary, not if you're willing to cut back on the quality of the chili.

Let it sit over night. Let it simmer all morning. Turn the heat off to go to the gym. 90 minutes later, bring the heat back up. Cut it off. Move it to single serving containers.

Here's what it should look like when you cut the heat off.
Try not to think of dumping the black water from the RV.

I used the dipper for the first time ever, what with it being Thanksgiving and all, and filled four containers.
There was a small amount left in the pot. That'll be my dessert when I return from seeing Bro.

Let's not forget the ancient family heirloom napkins.
It'd be imprudent to tote four containers of chili in my hands, and that means we'll make use of the Food Lion bag.
It seems a reasonable bagging choice, what with all the components having arrived in such a bag.

Now, we drive. Well, after securing the chili in the bag in the floor in the backseat of the car.
It would be sadness to spill the chili now.

At Food Lion, we spread the banquet on the table.
Yes, we're using the hood of my car as our table. We're creative that way. It'd be better if this were a tailgate, but Crown Vics do not have tail gates. Times are hard, you do know.

Ten minutes later, I return home, and start the cleanup.
But first a nap. There's also a vacuum cleaner in my future. Yeah, Thanksgiving can rock that way.


The Crow said...

Down home, we call those paper towels 'Cajun napkins on a roll.'

Happy post-Thanksgiving, friend.

Ban T-shirts said...

The chilli looks good. :-)