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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Someone bought a hamster

Yes, they did. A hamster. Upon getting home with it, they left it in the cage with food, water and a wheel. Five days later, they noticed the hamster was stuck in the wheel by its leg, which had turned black. They returned the hamster to the store for a replacement.

I think we know all who and what is really defective here.

Lily adopted the hamster with the support of coworkers who helped provide those things a hamster needs. She pumped it with antibiotics, and it lived a week. In the final day, she took it to the vet, and they decided to euthanize Captain Hook. Lily delivered the drugs. That was not a good day for Lily.

She girded herself at the dinner table last night with the thought that the hamster had a good last week. Who among us would not ask for the same, a good last week?

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Anonymous said...

RIP, fluffy Cap'n Hook.