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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kmart is dead to me

I really gotta keep my eyes open better. That, or shop elsewhere. It was bad enough that I couldn't move in the local Kmart without being asked for a frequent shopper card, the one with rewards that could be claimed (e.g., the free Coke that didn't include Diet). Last month, I bought a digital TV antenna there when my neighbor moved and shut off the cable. The box did not appear to have been opened, but it lacked the signal amplifier. Fortunately, I had one from a few years back when Time-Warner was selling fish oil and calling it high speed Road Runner. However, the antenna works just fine without the amplification.

So tonight, Grandpa needs a little mess, and he's too lazy to drive the extra mile to Food Lion, which leaves him to walk to Kmart. While cruising through, I notice a bottle of vitamin C on a serious markdown.
I didn't notice the torn seal while I was in the store. At home, I did. This reminded me that the checkout clerk looked at it too. However, she was miffed that I didn't have my frequent shopper card, which left her calling me "sir." I should pay more attention.

Opening the bottle, what do I espy with my little eye?

Kmart? The one on Western in Raleigh? You are dead to me.

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