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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Decorating the office

I work with a, generally, sociable group of smart people, and Thursday, we had the office pot luck. Afterwards, our leader needed help with the orchids we keep near the front door, and I, being sluggish from all the food, didn't get out of the way fast enough.

OK, so that's a joke.

Truth is that I volunteered. I like visiting the assemblage of hot houses over in that area of old Morrisville. It's an area destined to be replaced with quickly build tract housing all too soon, if not yet another shopping mall, and that makes me sad, leaving me to wonder how generations past mourned that which was lost when it was replaced by the very thing I now feel sad to imagine gone. The importance of permanency is something we often underestimate.

You do know there was a time the railroad track did not exist there?

So we're off to move some orchids to the hot house where they'll recover from a season in our office. We'll return with a new set. Not too long from now, we'll do it all over again.

On the drive over, Jeffrey is chatting regarding the orchids. Do you suppose the clients like them? I paused, and he offered my initial thought that not many clients ever see them. Just a few visit our offices. However, he was headed down the wrong track regarding the rest of my thinking, and I quickly piped up to say that I thought the more important point was that the flowers offered a welcoming sight for the people in the office and that it was important for people to have such things in the office, especially given how many hours some people spend there. You know, it's easy to spend more time with the people in the office than the people in our families.

He then offered the most wonderful statement. He said, "I like them, and I think they're important." Whoa! Here's a man with what surely sometimes feels like the weight of the world on his shoulders, a man who could easily hide behind the thin veneer of important matters of leadership, yet a man taking time to make a small corner of the world a bit more beautiful, and in doing so, indirectly and immeasurable bringing a positive influence to the well-being of the people within the building. I do not need an accountant's ledger to demonstrate the assuredly positive influence such an act has on the company's well-being.

Behold the Jim Penny Memorial Orchid.

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