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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bro bought some books

I drove east yesterday to have lunch with Buck and Granny, and afterwards, I scooted over to Bro's house to see what all he bought the other day. You see, Bro and one of his bud's have started buying storage containers, a la that TV show called Storage Wars, or some such.

One of the containers was full of books, most of which sit on his carport and front porch. These are apparently discards from several schools and county libraries along with a few privately held libraries, perhaps from estate sales. I suppose someone was panning to start a used book store.

Here's the carport. Yes, that's a pool table underneath all that.

Here's the front porch.
And from the other side.
I found just about every genre in the stacks, well with the exception of gay romance, unless you count the regular romance novels with the shirtless hunk supporting the swooning sweet young thing.

Bro estimates that he now has some 10,000 books, all of which are for sale. OK, minus the eight I brought back because they looked like they might have a second life on Amazon. I did not take the retired library book that gave deft instructions for supercharging MS-DOS.

Bro and his partner have certainly had a decent return on their money, though I doubt the reports yet include the time for their labor. In the matter of these books, Bro says this is the one container they wish they had left untouched. I'd likely be loading the mess into a truck, and dumping it off for recycling. Or mulching.

In related news: Not one book I opened contained a hundred dollar bill. What is this world coming to?

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