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Sunday, November 20, 2011

All I need that I do not have is a big rock.

Being the good boy that I am, I spent a part of Saturday night washing clothes. White shirts. By hand. In the kitchen sink. The drill is straight-forward. Fill sink. Add detergent. Add bleach. Smoosh. Drain. Add more water. Smoosh. Squeeze. Hang on the rack to dry over night. All I need that I do not have is a big rock.

During the rinse cycle, I noticed something that didn't below. I always good at that game, if I did usually find the other thing that did not belong.
A note. Six weeks ago, I received a call from a bud. Two weeks ago, he called again. This time I wrote it down. Three days ago, I put the note in my shirt pocket. Two and a half days ago, I put the shirt in the laundry basket. With said note. Two days ago, I remembered said note. One minute later, I forgot said note. Shiny... Last night I found said note. The writing was done in water-based blue ink with my italic nib fountain pen.

Is it any wonder I live alone?

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