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Saturday, October 1, 2011

I saw Mary

Yes, Mary, the Sainted Mother of Jesus. I saw her with my own eyes through the screen on my phone. I was also looking through a fence covered in some sort of vine. She was about to swan dive into a pool.
And I was stone, cold sober. Looking at the picture now, I fail to see her as clearly, though I can find her with a little concentration. Of course, a picture is not the real thing. After the vision, I was blessed with a delightful early dinner or late lunch.
This was decidedly the best meal of my visit to Charleston, and I have to attribute that to the earlier vision. The rum and Diet also helped, I'm sure, as did the delightful company. Perhaps it'd be prudent to eat lunch at 3 P.M. more often after riding a bike through a historical district.

Now, just HUSH! It was Friday, and I did eat fish. That's about as pious as this heathen is going to get anytime soon, and it was still good enough for a vision.


The Crow said...

That is a very interesting watermark on that fountain, to be sure.

Last time I was in Charleston was when I was stationed at the Naval Hospital there, my first duty after Corps School. Such a beautiful city.

Those crab cakes look delicious!

Jim Penny said...

That lunch, or dinner, stands as a high point through the last month. We never starve on the road, though there are times I wonder if I won't, but this time we got lucky, far luckier than usual.