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Friday, September 2, 2011

NC and gay marriage - reprise

North Carolina is entering the gay marriage debate, which seems reasonable. The unemployment rate is high, and many people have nothing else to do. The legislature might as well debate a constitutional amendment that institutionalizes second class citizenship for anyone not heterosexual while it waits for all that saved tax money to trickle down and feed some hungry people.

Here is my suggestion for dealing with this problem.  (Yes, revised from a couple of years ago.)

Marriage: Let us define marriage as something the church does so that people can get frisky without going to hell. A church may apply the filters it sees fit to maintain it's purity and it's heaven. If you meet the specifications defined by the church, the church may marry you. Although this marriage infers that you'll be headed to heaven because you're not living in sin, you get nothing from the state. The marriage is all about going to heaven. If you want legal things, you need to see the next paragraph.

Civil Union: Let us define civil union as something the state does to recognize the union of people. The state may not deny the right to a civil union to any citizen. The civil union granted by one state will be recognized by all other states. With the civil union, you get all the legal things like inheritance, joint tax, hospital visitation, but you do not get to go to heaven. If you want to go to heaven, you must find a church that will accept you.

What's good here: What is good here is that the separation of church and state leaves both to do what is right for them. If the Mormons want to bring back polygamy, and some never let it go, they are welcome to it. If a splinter group of queer Mormons decides to accept polygamous same sex marriage, they can do that. If a Baptist church gets more than a little hot and bothered by the snakes it uses, parishioners could marry one. It's all cool.

The state, on the other hand, will grant civil unions to citizens with all the rights and privileges therein, as defined by law. If space aliens land, settle in, and start to get frisky with the locals, the space aliens can become a part of the tax paying citizenry, visit the local magistrate, and start filing join tax returns with the rest of us. If at some point, we determine that house ferns are sentient beings capable of loving and giving relationships, the law can be extended to permit those marriages as well, though it'll probably be a while before we can go green.

What's bad here: What's bad here is that there are more idiots in this world than I will ever count, and some of those idiots carry a substantial degree of influence such as the representative who made the local cable news loop with his remarks that link gay marriage to bestiality. I do wish that man had to stand before my children and explain himself.  I suspect he would wither before the glare I know m'Lily can produce.

Why in the world an expression of love should elicit such unnecessary expressions of hate is simply beyond my comprehension. We got over it with the Indians. We got over it with the Blacks. We got over it with the Mexicans.  (Yes, the Indians, Blacks, and Mexicans will say we still have some work to do.)  It's time to just plain get over it, people, and move on to some real problems.

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