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Monday, September 26, 2011

Molded cheese for dinner

I stepped out for dinner as I'm about to be eating hotel food for a fortnight, and while we don't stay in dives, there is often a certain monotony that comes with food in the hotels.  I went over to the Boylan Bridge Brewpub where that still carry a summer ale that I've grown quite fond of, and I had a pint of that with a fruit and cheese tray.  Am I, or am I not, just the upscale bitter old queen?

One of the cheeses had blue-green flecks.  Upscale mold.
It was quite tasty, but I found myself thinking how I often toss out cheese at home that develops mold.  I'm probably wasting perfectly good moldy food.

Upon my return, I checked the fridge.  First, the shredded Mexican cheese.  This is four cheeses shredded and mixed.  I doubt you could find it in Mexico despite the name, and yes, it has blue-green mold.  I could be in the money.
The blue spot will become a blue ball in time, and usually, I just toss it out.  From now on, I'm selling it the the Brewpub for fancy appetizers.

Then I checked the cheddar.  It's just plain Food Lion cheddar that I keep in a plastic container after I open the package.  It's not as greasy as the rat cheese Mama fed us, but it serves it's purpose.
I believe I have found my retirement plan.

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