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Friday, September 30, 2011

Another day. Another time.

In another day and in another time, I had a plan, and the plan had aggressive financial underpinning. Think 30 feet and a sea breeze.
But not this one, which would need a crew, and for as much as I would enjoy a crew of inadequately attired boat boys, and for as overly aggressive as the financial underpinning was for a man making quite less than $30k a year, this example would be too large. There's a smaller example not pictured because it's less photogenic even at 4x optical zoom, and besides, we're portraying a lost dream here, and lost dreams can be exaggerated some.

Besides, I'm making it sound like I rue the loss, and that's not true at all. It's substantially unhealthy to look back like that, look back with a rueful eye, which is something I avoid. I don't even look back all that much, and besides, always in motion is the future. Who know? The Lillian Rose might still sail one day.

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