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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A little sump'in different

I was still sweating after the bath that followed about 30 minutes of stair climbing, and it seemed like a reasonable time to make some lunch.

Here's what happened.

I fetched out the loaf of homemade white bread I was given last night. The fruitfly has been working on her baking. A decent slice of that seems a good place to start.

This definitely needs a light coating of butter. Most things do.

Notice how the butter reflects enough light that it bleaches out the picture. I should probably add more butter, but I'll refrain.

Now, find the tomato that Fruitfly delivered from her garden. Cut it into small pieces. WOnder why the software wants this one rotated.

At this point, the pasta sauce was calling to me. Generic. Food Lion. It might not get any better.

Did someone mention shredded cheese of the Mexican variety?

A toaster would come in handy about now. So would a heated oven. I'll somehow make do with the microwave.

Now, don't go and get all in an uproar over your lost diet. I ate it all for you.

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