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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Food and snacks

We already know how barbecue can start civil wars and threats of secession, and I shouldn't even start on what makes an all-the-way hotdog, which should be called a salad of some sort in Chicago.

It was has browns that first caught my attention as an indicator of location. Bear in mind that most are good, even among those things falsely called barbecue, but it's rare that the one will bear discernible resemblance to the other.

What brings us here is the afternoon snack table that came with yesterday's work in Chattanooga.

You should know that I have no problem with a Moon Pie, and I've surely eaten a few million along the way. It's just that I never expected to see one here. Now, I just need an RC Cola, diet, and a truck dashboard to warm the Moon Pie on. Yes, that's the only fitting way to prepare a Moon Pie for human consumption. I should know.

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