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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Second week in Vibram Five Fingers (Komodo Sport)

Second week in Vibram Five Fingers (Komodo Sport)

I'm going to accumulate some notes as I go through the week, and then perhaps expand them later. Maybe then, I don't forget the important little things.

Washing. You want to wash these shoes regularly. Word is that they can accumulate and promote dreaded foot odor. Danger had his pair confiscated (by his sister) on a boat cruise. He got them back in a plastic bag after the cruise. Put them in a net bag so the Velcro doesn't eat your delicates in the wash. Let them air dry, perhaps over the water heater. OK, over the hot water heater.

Two pair. Like most athletic shoes, these guys collect sweat. You'll also get caught in rain now and again. Having the second pair lets yesterday's pair dry out while you use the other pair today. Now just hush about spending so much money because it's the same in the long run, say $200 every six months instead of $100 every three. And you thought you'd never have any need for that grade school math. Swapping the pair every day also helps with drying after wash day. Besides, have you priced blood pressure and cholesterol meds lately? The shoes are a bargain.

Piggies in place. Yes, toes can learn. I suspect I'm returning to the days of prehensile toes. One the farm, some of us used our toes to pick stuff up. It was more efficient that bending over. Later, there was all the foot work in Tae Kwon Do. However, I notice people who use their toes are the exceptions in this world. So why am I belaboring this toe mess? Because they now scooch like little inchworms eager to get into their nests. A freaking synchronized scooching inchworm event going on in my shoes, and I swear I'm stone cold sober.

Therapeutic response. Although the distance I can walk in them at one go is about three miles, that's a lot more than it was, and I'm finding that my stride and foot falls during the day in regular more and more reflect what they'd be in the Vibrams. Things just feel better. Do bear in mind that Grandpa still needs his time to get moving in the morning, but he's thinking come this Sunday as the third week begins, he will start trotting through intervals. Yeah, you can laugh now. Besides, I fully expect to turn another ankle like last year.

Realistic thinking. Gnarly feet hurt for many reasons. Most things new are better because aggravated nerves get a rest while new and rested nerves get a workout. I expect the difference that the Vibrams bring will work in that we have a substantially new dynamic in place. Yesterday, the familiar ache occurred at 4 miles, not the one of two weeks ago. Will I be running a marathon this fall? I doubt it. I'm just glad to be out and wiggling a little more. And then there's the scooching piggies snooking into their little homes. Gotta love that part.

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Thomas said...

My feet changed shape after several months of Vibram wearing.