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Monday, July 25, 2011

The proper mater sammich

Yes, I can spell better than that, but doing so misses a little color.

If I ever have an apartment with a deck or patio, I'll put a bucket on it. In that bucket, I'll put some holes and potting soil. In that soil, I'll plant a tomato, probably a Bigger Boy, but the variety really doesn't matter.

I grew up on a farm, and I know the work that's involved in producing all those things we buy in the market. I also know it's usually far cheaper to farm at Food Lion. However, there is one exception: The Tomato. I rarely buy tomatoes at Food Lion. They're usually just too tasteless for the price we have to pay. That's not true for most of the rest, but tomatoes simply need to be home grown.

Sunday morning, a friend brought me a mater from her yard. Tonight, I made a proper tomato sandwich. There might be nothing better than a decent tomato sandwich, and it's been about forever since I had one. Here's how we do it, in case you've forgotten.

Find some bread. One mater will make about two sammiches.

You'll need some mayonnaise on that bread.

OK, you can probably tell that's not really mayonnaise. It's whipped salad dressing. No, I do not know why the salad dressing needed whipping. I suppose it was very naughty while I wasn't looking.

Alternative to mayo, you can use mustard. If you're feeling really decadent, add some cheese and grill the sammich. (I'm rarely deserving of something that good.)

Now, get the mater.

I took the stem off, and then I sliced it. Put the slices on the bread with the mayo that's really whipped salad dressing.

Yes, I had an extra slice, and I ate it straight up. I closed the sammiches, took it all to the couch, and chowed down while watching the news. You should do the same.


The Crow said...

Not enough mayo, brother Jim. otherwise, looks damn yummy!

Jim Penny said...

Yep, the mayo was thin. I'm working hard on becoming less of a man, and not succeeding all that much.