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Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't I wear it well?

I broke my rule. Traveling on a holiday is one of those things I avoid whenever possible, but this time, this one time, I chose to drive down to Johnston County, back to where I grew up, to walk through the bell ringing at the Coats Country Museum and Bell Tower.

So, with time to spare, I head down the stairs, coffee in hand. Yes, I dodged the neighbor's blood trail in the stair well. Either someone bled out towards the 6th floor, or a local hawk ate a small animal. Or perhaps we have a herd of Lost Boys down there. I have no evidence of any explanation beyond what I fabricate as I skip steps and cling to the railing as I sail through a turn.

In the car. Spritz the windshield to keep the Rain-X going. Drive away holding a half-mug of coffee in my right hand. Yes, that's the hand on the arm with the tennis elbow, not that I've played tennis, or even thought of playing tennis, in decades. OK, two decades, but I swear I mostly watched as Josh and Lil played.

First speed bump at 15 mph.

Don't I wear it well? Grumpy me headed back home, changed shirts, took a second just in case (again), and noodled on to the day's activities. It was that, or I just go back to bed.

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The Crow said...

Carry on, brave soul; ever forward!

I have no tee shirts left that don't have the echo of some sort of food stain on them. My daughter made a bib for me one time with my nickname on it: Messy Motz.