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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tracy Morgan's recent excitement

Warning: I have never paid much attention to Tracy Morgan, aside from his silly Scare Tactics, and even then my attention was only to find something else to watch.

Many of us use humor in some manner or another, and a few of us, not me, get paid to do it on stage before lots of people. Redd Foxx had some outlandish observations about the white people paying so much money to listen to a man of color, though that's not exactly how Redd phrased his depiction of race, speak so harshly and critically to them.

The thing is that a good many truths are told in jest, and we need more jest in this world, though one celebrated jester, Twain, was certain that only the dead could tell the harshest truth, which is why he had the War Prayer released posthumously.

So Morgan got all carried away, and he engaged some harsh homophobic rant that was, he hoped, going to be funny. He was in the zone, and we know he had no script. He was making it up as he went. This is how art works, especially the good stuff. The sad thing is that he went too far, even for Tracy Morgan, and now half the country is up in arms.

A part of me feels sorry for the man, and not for the reason you expect. He leaned too hard on that raw part of him from whence flows his art, and he pulled out too much of the wrong thing. If you've been around me, you witnessed similar, though in my case, we can usually hug it out, get some lunch, and move on with our relationship on even firmer ground.

Tracy can't hug this one out.

I'm not sure how you hug out offering to stab your son upon learning that he's gay, especially in this unnecessary season of gay suicides.

The thing is that Tracy could have made a riotous show from describing his son coming out, especially if he explored the likely conflicted emotions he would feel as a father. A black father. A black father with extended family and strong maternal influence. Of course, Tracy's son, if he even has a son, is probably not gay, and even if he were, we wouldn't be seeing him coming out any time soon, so Tracy can't really explore those emotions with any basis in a conflicted reality that would give rise to the healing humor.

Meanwhile, we all need to lighten up a little. Just imagine if Tracy's some came out as republican.

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