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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A little birdie

I am not sure just how many times I walked under this bird and it's espresso cup of a nest, but for whatever reason, I finally looked up, there on a Sunday afternoon, and lay my eyes upon it's frozen form. He, she, or it didn't move, not much, while I stood there. With each return, I noticed the bird had rotated in some amount. I suppose sitting on a clutch of eggs is not the most exciting thing a bird can do, and a change of view is likely helpful now and again.

The nest is out on a pine limb. There's not much too it, and what there is appears to be tightly glued in some manner. No, I have no idea what kind of bird it is. Perhaps a sparrow or a chickadee. However, I'm going with tufted titmouse just for the adolescent giggle.

There are eagles in the are, but I suspect this little fellow is too small to worry about eagles. Crows, however, might be a threat, as might be the errant water skier who unexpectedly hits the almost submerged log not so far away, subsequently sailing through the air, perhaps with the greatest of ease, only to thump unnecessarily into that pine.

Perhaps the NC GA members could write a quick bill to protect this wee beast. It'd be an improvement over what they've been doing this session.

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