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Saturday, June 18, 2011

In need of a brief change

I was developing a mood Friday afternoon, mostly because of the shenanigans over the the General Assembly where small minded and evil people have taken over. That those people were duly elected is even more depressing. Sherman's march did more damage. Reconstruction didn't help. At least this crowd hasn't burned the city, yet, though they certainly took down education for a generation or two. Of course, a better educated populace would challenge what they're doing more, and I think that's the long range intent, something that the (dis)honorables might not even recognize themselves, to keep the voting majority poor and poorly educated.

So there you go. I do not need to fixate on this mess. Time for a change, a small one, a walk, if you will.

I wander one of my usual paths that includes a brush again the NCSU campus as it expands to consume an office park. The landscaping is generally poor, about what you'd expect from an erstwhile office park, but a little different because we expect a university to exist for a very long time, not just the decade or so of most businesses.

Here is the glimmer of hooe I found over by Brickhaven. Yes, an odd name.

First, a patch of cone flowers. (I always think corn flowers.)

Echinacea, by it's formal name. Make some tea, and get well. Boost your immune system. This plant will thrive here with little or no maintenance for a very long time. Or so I do hope.

And then some lilies. It's hard to go wrong with lilies. Yes, I should know.

This one is a little pink mixed with several other colors that look different in the rendering, a kind of yellow and purple this morning. It's a go with me. Plant more.

Then of course, we have the usual yellow. After typing that and fetching more coffee, I find myself perplexed. Why would I think of yellow as the usual color of a lily? Orange is the usual color, at least of the day lilies. These are not day lilies, however. They're tiger lilies, I think, a more expensive variation.

I like these yellow lilies, whatever they really are, and I'm glad to see them in a thick bed. So many people plant these fine cultivars as specimens in a garden. They do far better in masses and beds. I suspect that's because they are social, if not extroverted, in nature.

And as you know, it's important to find beauty in many things, not just the ostentatious. I believe we have here a sighting of the rare and oh-so-splendid Space Alien Antennae Sand Orchid.

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