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Saturday, June 4, 2011

An important warning

I recognize that many people have food allergies, and they have to be careful about what they eat lest they provide the world with another YouTube moment as they are whisked to the ER.

I've often wondered just how so many people manage to survive air travel, what with all those little bags of peanuts. Maybe it's that the bags are so little that makes the difference. Not really. Some one with a peanut allergy can't tolerate hardly a molecule of peanut.

Enter my generic yoghurt. Sugar free. Fat free. The artificial sweetener gets a warning. So does the milk. The milk?

Yes, we have a warning that the yogurt contains milk. As though there might be some question about what yogurt is made from? Especially the generic brand?

At the rate we are going in this world, that yogurt cup is going to need a bigger cup just for the label, if not a fold-out.

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