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Monday, June 6, 2011

A double dip

I typically do not attend many large functions outside of work because large groups of people do not energize me, but they do cost me energy, and you'll notice if you watch that I tend to focus on a very few people in such groups, moving about carefully, subsetting the large crowd into more manageable, and personable, groups.

There is not much rock start in me, aside from the ego.

So Friday evening was one social thing. Small and comfortable. Aside from the near fist fight at the grocery store.

Then we have Saturday night. A work peep had a house warming. Lots of people. All of them fun in one manner or another. All of them spread out and in small groups.

At some point, I acquired an umbrella for my hat, and yes, I wore it back home for everyone to see.

It was fun. We'll do it again in a season or so.

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