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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak

One of my fave bloggers published a thing about some turtle doves that setup housekeeping in her house. Here's the link.

In the matter of a very few days, the birds hatched, matured, and flew away. She remarked about the swift passage of time.

I spent yesterday thinking about passing time, especially as I took a trip to visit the grave of my maternal grandparents. There'll be more about that later, but for now, I remember well the interminable trips of my youth. All of one hour, after lunch, after church, on a Sunday. Usually.

Fast forward fifty years, grown children of my own, and time is a twinkle. Yes, I recognize I'm not the first to see that, and it's not the first I've thought of it. It's just poignant this day, after yesterday, with fresh doves on the wing. Learning what my grandfather meant when he said the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak is not particularly pleasant most days.

I hope those doves learn quickly the thrill it must be to spin through the world at what are, surely, breakneck speeds, at least for the rest of us, and that they avoid the playground bullies hellbent to make short that thrill.

But for now, I need some lake time. The Diet Cokes are packed, but now a beer or two seems a reasonable addition to the cooler. Yes, I'll walk there more slowly than some others.


The Crow said...

Dear friend, I hope you have a glorious day at the lake, and that time slows down while you are there.

The Crow said...

I forgot! The word verification thing was "beerit" - how cool was that?

Jim Penny said...

Uber cool. The cans were double sized. And the Diet Coke was knock-off from Food Lion. It just cannot get any better.