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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garner and the bear

I'd like to say someone has written a derivative of Faulkner's Go Down, Moses, but that is not the case. Garner has a bear. A wild Bear. A running free bear. It's also a tweeting bear.

Yes, about an hour after the first news report, the first tweets came out from @GarnerBear. About 30 minutes later, the news chopper from WRAL was in the air and mussing my hair.

There are a lot of animals in Garner, and some of them have four legs and a lot of hair. Most communities have some compliment of wildlife, though usually, it's not the type that would make a meal of you.

Word was that the local federalies were working to shoo the bear back into the woods, leaving me to ask just how many bears do they think live in those woods. More than one?

I seriously doubt there's been anything more noteworthy than an irritated possum lurking about Garner lately, with the exception of that fruitlooped older uncle of mine, the one who won WWII by jumping out of a plane and stabbing Hitler in the face, but this is another story, one that'll likely be repeated this 4th of July at the Bell Tower, unless that bear eats Graham. In that case, I'll be all over making Mr. Bear a local celebrity, maybe like that Scotty guy.

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