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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dead snake in the road

I was a few minutes behind the local downpour trying to find a church in the wrong county. The land is very low, and the roads are crooked. As I rounded a curve, I saw and dodged a dead snake. Coming back, I stopped to take the picture.

Yes, I waited to see if it would wiggle before I got close. I really don't much like snakes.

This beast appears to be an adult, if young, eastern hognose adder. Harmless, but quite capable of stopping your heart in pure terror. I think for a fact as I met a live one nose-to-nose in a corn field years ago.

Yes, I know. I should have moved the snake from the road to the ditch where it could return to the earth in peace. However, that would require that I be touch it, at least by the tail, and I generally leave snakes alone unless I have a stick or a hoe or something. This one could have been playing possum, don't you know. Dead snakes can be treacherous that way.

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