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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Silent Sam remained silent

Silent Sam is the local name for the Confederate War Memorial on the Chapel Hill campus. The story is that he fires his rifle every time a virgin walks by. Hence, the name.

Many southern US cities have such a memorial. Some cities have recently removed their memorials lest we be reminded of our past. This strikes me as silly. We are all no more than what we've learned from the sum total of our past, and the pasts before us. Those who seek to deny the ugly side, and we all have ugly sides, do a sad disservice to first themselves and worse, their children.

However, we do not have to revisit the American Civil War to learn this. Read Tea Party literature. Check the current news in China.

But enough of that.

As I walked by with Lily, Sam remained silent. No father of a daughter needs to hear that.

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The Crow said...

No, you see, it's like this...Sam was stunned into silence by Lily's great beauty and charm. He was distracted from firing his weapon, that's all.


Jim Penny said...

And now, I find the strength to continue.