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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Peace Rose

I extended this evening's walk by an extra bit, and that put me passing KMart where I noticed a Peace rose.

Yellow with a hint of red, especially at the edges of the petals. The red is more visible on the slightly closed buds, and even more so in the light of day. The florescent bulbs really don't do the color justice.

These were my mother's favorite, and she always had a few in the yard. Now, when I manage to find yellow roses with a hint of red on the petals in the grocery store for her , I always lie and tell her they are Peace roses. She never argues.

There's probably some Biblical prohibition going against me there, but I'll take my chances.

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The Crow said...

The Peace rose was my mother's favorite, too, Jim.

The summer before she died, she was attempting to cross the Peace with the Mr. Lincolns she had in her garden. She died before she could harvest the hips.

Small world.