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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mama's Baby's Breath

My mother would call this bush a Baby's Breath. I'd have to backtrack to read the sign to be sure, but neither of us will contradict my mama over this name. Nope.

She had a pair of these growing by the back door of the house we lived in after we left Tink's tenant house. Tink wanted rent. My uncle wanted someone to tend his land for free, if free rent is really free.

So there we lived with the Baby's Breath. My brother and I with the parents. Sometimes Bro and I got into it, as brothers will. When Mama had enough, she would send us to the Baby's Breath to fetch switches.

I doubt I'd ever encourage another Baby's Breath to live, lest out be made into switches that sting and scar the legs and more of children born to parents who can do no better.

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