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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The ice cream sandwich

Ages ago my grandparents got a dog. A collie and chow mix. One of the treats in their freezer was the box of ice cream sandwiches.

At some point, they had to be gone a few days, probably to the hospital, and they arranged for a relative to house sit. And dog sit.

Among the instructions my grandmother left were that Penny, the dog, could have an ice cream sandwich each afternoon.

So Alice on the first afternoon went to fetch an ice cream sandwich from the freezer. She unwrapped it, took a bite, and held the rest out for the dog.

The dog refused and would have nothing until she received a whole, unbitten ice cream sandwich.

And so began one more story about the loyal dog who guarded my grandparents...and who was just a little spoiled.

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Shannon said...

That's the life!