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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sometimes, just sometimes, it works out

AT 11:56 last night, Virgin Mobile came through with a working phone. Of course, I was asleep then, and no, I didn't get up at 4 AM, though I tried, once, a little.

What's that saying about being asleep when opportunity knocks?

I suspect this experience was business as usual. There's no reason to think that someone moved heaven and earth to make my phone work. More likely, number ports are placed in a queue, and the work progresses from there with a litany of excuses provided to customer service to placate people like me. The list is certainly cheaper than real action, and I do recognize that a company is not going to make me special (much) for $60. That company should, however, consider being more transparent. That way, a consumer could make an informed decision, and happier customers, even if they're not getting what they want on demand, make for a more profitable company.

Note to Virgin Mobile: Think Zappos. There's a reason I pay Zappos 10% more for shoes that I could buy elsewhere.

One odd thing did happen when I called AT&T regarding where my number was. They told me the number had been released back towards noon, which would be about right. What they didn't ask is why I was leaving. Do you suppose they'll continue to send me letters about receiving a new phone with a new line of service?

Would I do this again? That depends on which this. There are three at the moment: AT&T, Virgin Mobile, and number portability.

AT&T: Yes, I would absolutely leave AT&T because of the poor treatment of a five-year customer paying nearly $200 a month. How they handled the iPhone only initiated that concern. I'm not sure any person with whom I spoke at AT&T was empowered to make a good decision unless it involved taking more of my money.

Virgin Mobile: I do not have enough evidence to say anything about Virgin Mobile yet, and I cannot tell you that I'd choose them again. I can tell you that I intentionally chose a company with roots outside the US because I was hoping that a different management style might provide a better measure of customer service. This jury is still out.

Number: I'm pretty sure that when the the next time comes, I'll just get a new number, and then send a text or email to everyone regarding the change. There'd be little or no wait for the number, and I'd have more control over the transition.

Imagine that. A consumer in control of how things work out. Oh, but a fellow can dream.

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