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Monday, February 21, 2011

If I lived in Jamaica, it'd be different

Soon come, mon. That's what the folks would say in Jamaica when it was gonna be a while. It might take an hour to get a pound of burger ground. Don't even think of asking for a thicker cut of steak, even if it was goat, not beef.

My transfer from AT&T to Virgin Mobile makes me feel like I'm back in Jamaica. To be able to call VM and find out that nothing is going on, I bought Skype credit, which triggered a security alert on the credit card because Skype is in the UK, and then called Virgin Mobile.

I know the voice bot, Alex, well, and Alex hates me. After some 45 minutes on hold in some 6 calls that were (usually) dropped, I talked to a human, this time not with a Spanish accent. He might have been in India. Bear in mind that I have no problem with people having accents as I have one myself. I do, however, prefer someone who can think and do.

So I'm told that the engineers are working on the problem. I'm pretty sure I could get a report of flying pigs to go with that. Here, some 30 minutes after that report, the status quo remains.

I do not foresee a reasonable end to this problem, though I do hope to be wrong. But for now, it's time for bed. 4 A.M. comes early in these parts. And I (likely) have a(nother) new phone to buy.

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