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Sunday, January 23, 2011

We all walk this same road alone

I've watched this guy, this couple, this family for a year or more. Brian is often the quieter fellow, yet here he is speaking from my heart in a letter he wrote. He channeled me for the first half, or so I felt, leaving me to realize how we all walk this same road alone. Perhaps one day, we'll stop doing that.


The Crow said...

Thank you for this, Jim. Wow, good piece. It pisses me off no end that such a video, such a campaign, is necessary in this day, in this country.

Rita Mae came from my town, Hanover. She had to leave because this town had no place for her. Can you imagine how much poorer this world would be if the Rita Mae Browns and the Jim Penneys in it weren't here? Well, I can, and I'm so glad you had the courage to continue to show up.

The Crow said...

Oh, heavens! I've misspelled your last name. My apologies, Jim.

Jim Penny said...

How might I ever forgive you now? Oh wait! I get mail spelled like that.

The thing is if it were real, I'd be swimming in a pitcher of frozen margaritas aboard my substantial sailboat out on the Gulf Stream about now.

However, about that courage thing. I'm not convinced courage has had all that much to do with it. More like the unfailing hand of fate at opportune moments.