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Sunday, January 9, 2011

In search of the proper grits

There is substantial confusion regarding the preparation of the proper grits. Danger also reported how grits saved his life during his USAF Field Training last summer. A word to the wise should be sufficient.


The Crow said...

Do you remember Southern comedian Brother Dave's recipe for cooking grits?

What I recall mostly is his repetition of the phrase "high rollin' boil," in reference, of course, to the water temp, then the proper state of the grits as they cooked, ending in his denouement to "throw them away, 'cause you just cain't eat them damned grits!"

Obviously the man had never eaten properly brewed grits. Probably wasn't even a true Southerner, either!

Jim Penny said...

Oh hell yes! High rollin' boil! I do need me a gas stove so that can happen quicker. I am so gonna use that phrase next time!

I grew up eating grits lightly salted and heavily buttered. Of course, my shoe would be good with enough butter.

However, my oh so crazy mama rarely cooked grits. My daddy made oatmeal every morning of his life. He ate some of it. Fed the rest to the cats. He rose at 4 AM everyday. Mama swore that Grandmother must have scared Daddy with a bed.

I loathe oatmeal, except in cookies and PB sammiches. Well, enough brown sugar, raisins, and pecans make it passable. OK, lots, and I do mean LOTS, of butter.

I hesitate to mention cream of wheat. Typing the words brings waves of nausea.