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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Season of Jim

A most excellent blogger, Crow, posted this video recently, surely to help me remember, though I doubt she knew she was, then, writing directly to me. She has her own trials and tribulations without any of mine to occupy her time and thinking.

I had seen the video before, and then forgotten all about it. Here at the end of the year, post-Christmas, on New Year's Eve, she reminds me that it's OK to be alone, that it can be quite healthy to be alone, and exactly just what being alone is, like almost every other thing in this world, depends on exactly, not one thing more or less, what we do with it.

After a substantial personal disappointment back during the summer, I decided that the next two seasons were mine, a Season of Jim. Some people have called that selfish. Narcissistic. Unfeeling. Unthinking. And many other negatively connoting words and phrases. Mostly, I've managed to encourage them all to kiss my ass.

Well, I believe the exact phrase has been "kiss my hairy ass," but that might fall into the realm of TMI.

So here we are at the end of my self-proclaimed six-month season of me. I see a few people more clearly. That's mostly good, but a some would benefit from a little fuzz in my vision. Some will never speak to me again, and I embrace, if not cherish, their silence. Most of you will simply nod and write this off as another eccentricity, a Jim-thing. I am quite fine with that.

You know what? I think I'm gonna be doing a little more of this. No need to fix what ain't broke.


The Crow said...

I am quite fond of you, too, dear Jim.

Wishing you a wonderful, wonder-filled, brand-spanking new Season of Jim!

F.A. Pollard said...

Thank you for this Jimmy. I loved it. Wishing you blessings and beauty in 2011. ♥