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Sunday, December 12, 2010

My busy Saturday

It was one busy Saturday, even if we did short circuit one plan to visit Raleigh to watch Lil and Josh run in a foot race. They ran without me. Both finished. Josh ran on no sleep and little food, going back the last mile so he could finish with Lil. Now, that's a gentleman.

He was sleepless in Greensboro because of flight delays that left him sleeping on the floor outside security at Orlando. The only eatery that was open was a Starbucks. He hasn't forgiven them for the prices yet.

Meanwhile, I attended the counter-protest in Raleigh. Five haters from Kansas were in town to picket and protest the Elizabeth Edwards Funeral. Yes, Freedom of Speech takes odd turns now and again. Some 1200 of us appeared to physically separate them from the funeral. We also had Dykes on Bikes and Bears on Bikes (think thunderous), lots of vehicles with outstanding sound systems (think twang with techno tribal ), and one twink on an unmuffled scooter (think grumble bee).

The nonsense lasted some over two hours until the haters from Kansas left in the very cold rain.

Here're a few scenes from the morning.

Following the downtown protests, I found some dry clothes and lunch. I also fetched a half dozen kilts from the cleaner, but that's another matter for another day. Lily and Josh were on the road for a visit! When they arrived, we had a nibble, and Lily taught me how to manage the bread packaging in the fridge.

Then it was onward and upward! Time for Drag Bingo. Drag Bingo (www.dragbingo.com) is a local activity that raises money for HIV/AIDS education, and it averages about $10,000 a month, primarily because of the generosity of so many local businesses and volunteers. Every penny spent during the evening goes directly to Alliance of AIDS Services - Carolina (www.aas-c.org). That's a whole lot of money for a state and community such as ours, where haters lurk in most corners, and speaking of our ugly people from Kansas, they did not make an appearance in Durham, though the police were on the ready just in case.

That was one busy day.

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