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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Making snow cream

Apparently, this is mostly a southern recipe. I'm not sure that I've ever heard the people in the snow belt talking of snow cream, though it seems unreasonable that they never made something edible from the snow. Well, except for pouring maple syrup on snow and calling it good, which I doubt it is.

Perhaps for us, it's the relative infrequency of a decent snow that is important. Often, our snow is mixed with sleet and freezing rain, and that makes the snow not so good for snow cream.

Today, we had a big, for us, snow, purely snow, and this afternoon, we made some decent snow cream.

I sorta followed my grandmother's recipe. She used eggs. My mother could not face the thought of eating a raw egg, and she withheld eggs when she made it.

They both used sugar. I would too, except for this trying to be good thing. I used generic Splenda.

You'll need

1. Some eggs. I used three.
2. Some vanilla flavoring. I used a big splash of artificial vanilla flavoring.
3. Some milk. I used the last of what was in the jug. It was skim.
3. Lots of sugar. I used generic Splenda.
4. Snow. I used what fell on my car this morning.

Mix 1 through 3 together. Well, not the shells, but you probably knew that already. Spoon in snow, and mix it well. It takes more snow than you think, and you'll want to add a little, mix, and then add more.

Here's the video with additional detail.

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