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Friday, November 12, 2010

Lucky Pot Thanksgiving Lunch at Work

With all the travel, more like travail, schedules, we held the Thanksgiving Lunch a little early this year. The rules require that recipes be made available, with no references to mess like Aunt Jane's Secret Green Bean Casserole Recipe allowed.

I made biscuits, and here's the vid of how I did it. After watching, you have no reason to face a meal sans biscuit ever again, save not wanting one, and I doubt that ever happens.


Diana said...

The biscuits were YUMMY... even if the recipe requires unwashed hands.

Jim Penny said...

Well, I might confess now. I did wash them after the fact. That dip in the butter presented the compelling reason.

Shannon said...

So they were frozen. Still yummy. and i now see the secret...a pat of butter under each. Will I have to wait till next year to have more?!

Jim Penny said...

Perhaps I'll bake biscuits for the anniversary of my glorious birth.