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Friday, November 26, 2010

I finally had my windshield repaired

Yes, it's been nearly a year since I appeared for the crack-of-dawn meeting. 9 AM at work. So not me. On the way, a dump truck ahead of me lost a few rocks. There was only one place in the world for those rocks to go, that being my windshield, and the did. Moments later, I'm sporting two new star bursts. So lovely. Months later, I'm returning from a long road trip. It's 8 PM on a Friday. Cruising down the five miles of interstate to my exit.


Two thirds of the windshield, right at eye-level. Let the loveliness grow.

Replacing that windshield is a $375 endeavor. A month or so back, I found an outfit that repaired cracked windshields. Not Safelight.

Last Wednesday, the man came out towards noonish, told me my crack had accumulated dirt, and then repaired it anyway.

Because if the dirt, I can still see the line, but it's not like it was. The smaller, perhaps newer, end of the crack really did vanish.

Yep, I'd use Chip & Crack again. I just wouldn't wait so long to do so.

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