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Sunday, September 26, 2010

NC Pride 2010

Yes, Pride is a deadly sin under at least one rubric, but I don't much mess with that rubric anymore.

So there we were in Durham.  Bro had me over there at 8 AM so he could work at Food Lion's table.  Yes, Food Lion, a North Carolina company, is a sponsor of NC Pride.  OK, so some Belgium bought controlling interest in Food Lion way back, but it'll remain a Salisbury company for a very long time around here.

This meant that I had about five hours of knock-around time yesterday before the parade, some of which I spent with the Mad Hatter Bakery and a large cup of coffee, all the while ignoring the guy next to me with his huge and well-worn Bible.  All he received was the early morning pleasantry, as I doubt he was there to celebrate being different.

As the parade prepared to blast off, some of Bro's Dykes on Bykes (and a few trucks) friends found us.  We sat in the shad with them.  You'll see one's bohuncus prominently displayed in parts of this vid.  Yes, she kept walking out in front.

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