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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coke and peanuts

After you try this, you'll agree that you've never eaten anything better and that everything else you eat from this point forward will be a distant second.

Fetch some Coke and peanuts.

Open the Coke and take a few swigs.

Open the peanuts. I had to use an Exacto Knife.

Make a funnel with your hand.

Pour in the peanuts.

It'll fizz a little.

And then some more.

Drink the Coke and eat the peanuts simultaneously.

Do this while admiring most recent portrait.

Location:Perimeter Park Dr,Morrisville,United States


Shannon said...

Nice instruction, but still not my fave.

The Crow said...

My favorite part was sucking up the foam when it fizzed out of the top.

Used to save my lunch money to go to the mom-and-pop store across from F. T. Nicholls High School (since renamed) in New Orleans for a nickel bottle of co-cola and a dime bag of peanuts. This was back when Coca-Cola still used cane sugar as a sweetener, not that corn syrup crap.

Ah, sweet memories of youth. (Burrrppppp!)

The Crow said...

'Scuse me - that was co-cola and a bag of goobers. I forgot myself.

Jim Penny said...

The foam might be the best part.

That pack of peanuts is about right for a 12-ounce Cole in a glass bottle. The newer Cokes in there larger sizes call for more peanuts, but I was moving fast for the sake of some seriously deficiently reared peeps.

I hesitate to mention that some of them poured the Coke in a CUP before adding the peanuts. Absolute heathenosity.

Meanwhile, I'm plotting to find a way to get to New Orleans this fall or winter. I need me some quality time in the Quarter. Well, that and a large but countable number of Bigg-Assed Beers too.

The Crow said...


Lord love ya, but I am jealous of your way with words!

Gonna have to start me a collection of Jimisms...jim-iz-ums...that still doesn't look right.

When you get to Nawlins, I hope you can find a good roast beef po' boy, dressed. O'course, you'll need a hellaciously big bib or a ton of napkins, provided it's made right.

I look forward to your report when you return.