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Sunday, September 26, 2010

NC Pride 2010

Yes, Pride is a deadly sin under at least one rubric, but I don't much mess with that rubric anymore.

So there we were in Durham.  Bro had me over there at 8 AM so he could work at Food Lion's table.  Yes, Food Lion, a North Carolina company, is a sponsor of NC Pride.  OK, so some Belgium bought controlling interest in Food Lion way back, but it'll remain a Salisbury company for a very long time around here.

This meant that I had about five hours of knock-around time yesterday before the parade, some of which I spent with the Mad Hatter Bakery and a large cup of coffee, all the while ignoring the guy next to me with his huge and well-worn Bible.  All he received was the early morning pleasantry, as I doubt he was there to celebrate being different.

As the parade prepared to blast off, some of Bro's Dykes on Bykes (and a few trucks) friends found us.  We sat in the shad with them.  You'll see one's bohuncus prominently displayed in parts of this vid.  Yes, she kept walking out in front.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Unexpected memory at Food Lion

I bought just a few things today, enough to see me through the next bit of travel without too much that I'd be throwing out.

As you might expect, I don't spend a lot of time in the shampoo section, but in passing, this caught my attention.

It's been years. Long ago, I had some form of mane and tail. At some point, I cut it all off.

Then came Lily and Josh, and we'd go for visits to see Buck and Granny. At the end if each visit, Granny would hand us a bag of goodies. The kind of stuff we wouldn't ordinarily buy for ourselves.

Sometimes, way down in the bottom, there'd be a bottle of Mane and Tail, all set for use with toddler ponytails.

Right beside my plate of Rice Crispy treats.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Road food

If the motoring public had any idea just how sleepy I am today, they would clear this road. Apparently, I did not sleep last night.

Let's blame it on a recurring and vivid dream involving a change in latitude.

So it's chow time.

Ladysmith offers road food served on the hood. I ate it from the hood too.

That cheese burger was something special.

Might be time to retire

We could wish.

Meanwhile, I was walking to the car this morning, and I found something.

Burger King with that dollar menu is going to love me!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sharing the tub with my SBF

Yep, it can get lonely on the road. Sweaty too, especially after an hour in the hotel gym.

Headed to the shower, I spied with my little eye a spot.

On closer inspection, I find an eight-legged masseur.

Oh bliss of blisses.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Pursuant to the Gay Agenda: PM Edition

Yes, it was one gay old time at the corral today.

Someone got a trim. A much needed trim.

Then it was time to attend to the ceiling fan blades.

Past time. Look what came off in the first pass.

That led to a floor mopping. Kitchen and bathroom.

With carpet sweeping as the grand finale.

Don't tell me I can't rock a holiday!

Pursuant to the Gay Agenda

Yep. It's Labor Day. Got a little extra time to pursue the Gay Agenda. Don't want to fall behind and have my queer license called into question.

Let's start the day at 5 AM to get a jump on the straight people.

And tweet about it.

Just completed a 3.33 mi walk with @runkeeper. Check it out! http://rnkpr.com/a9h84p #RunKeeper

Gotta become one with the gay laundry room.

The first two are my personal gay washers. BTW, using powdered detergent is a capital offense.

And then my gay dryers.

Yes, the gay pillows needed a wash.

These are not my draws.

Of course, it's time to clean the filters in the gay air conditioner.

Perhaps past time. They look better after a quick rinse.

With the laundry underway, it's time to dust.

Yeah. It was on sale. Along with the dust thingie.

Both are very gay.

That was the morning. Wonder what gay ribaldry the afternoon might hold.

Easier to grow than to keep

Yes, it was time. Past time. For what? Oh. A manicure.

Too late now. Might as well move along to the next disaster.

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That's it for this year

Most years toward about this time, late August to early September, it happens.

A cool dry front moves through.

This year, it followed a hurricane. Odd. And it fell on Labor Day weekend. More odd.

Between Saturday and Sunday this weekend, summer ended. It was 57 Sunday morning. Today, it's 58. A foretaste of the brutal cold to come.

With the bluest sky you remember seeing. And yes, that same superlative applies equally each year.

Welcome to the Southern End of Heaven.

Now, pardon me, but I must find that electric blanket. We're apt to have frost in about six to eight weeks.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yes, I did. Write a book, that is.

Foursquare and Me (with a licentious subtitle)

We'll see how this goes. A few months back, I messed around with Foursquare, probably polluting countless Facebook and Twitter streams. I collected the tweets on a daily basis, and then annotated them. All on the iPhone, which I still find hard to figure.

I doubt we're dealing with a new King Lear, but it was an interesting exercise, one that's led to some discussion at work that's left me thinking there needs to be the movie version. Well, "need" might be somewhat strong. That could happen over the holiday weekend, depending on several other things, not the least being Earl as well as this collection of cat haiku that needs to end soon.

Link to Foursquare and me

Coke and peanuts

After you try this, you'll agree that you've never eaten anything better and that everything else you eat from this point forward will be a distant second.

Fetch some Coke and peanuts.

Open the Coke and take a few swigs.

Open the peanuts. I had to use an Exacto Knife.

Make a funnel with your hand.

Pour in the peanuts.

It'll fizz a little.

And then some more.

Drink the Coke and eat the peanuts simultaneously.

Do this while admiring most recent portrait.

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